Car Services Policy

All transportation charges should be paid upon the successful completion of transfers. Any additional charge of 1.9% will be added to the original fee, for every additional day beyond the stipulated service period. This charges will be applied by 12 am according to the time zone of Cincinnati, Ohio.

All reservations are made in accordance with the order of requests, so, clients are served on a “first come, first served” basis.

For every personal request made, Cincy Transportation will reply via Email. In the event of alteration of the transport arrangement, please ensure you contact us 8 hours before the original departure time, to accommodate and effect the changes.

All transfers made between 9pm and 6am will attract an addition fee of $15.

For every additional stop made before getting to the destination, an additional fee of $10 each +1.1 miles.

Services on public holidays (Christmas, New year, Thanks giving, Easter etc.) will attract an additional fee of $25.

In the event of excessive wait times that exceed 15 minutes, an hourly charge of $58 will be incurred, due to other reservations which may have been scheduled.

Sales tax will apply to all transfers within Ohio state.

For all scheduled reservations, a minimum of 8 hours notice prior to the scheduled time, is required to cancel the reservations. If the notice is shorter than this, it will not the honored and the full rate of the original schedule will apply. Any desired alteration to reservation time within this time frame can be tendered by calling 513-268-4295, we will ensure we do our best to accommodate the changes provided it does not affect other scheduled reservations.

Once you’ve made a reservation, there will be no need for any sort of reminder, whether by phone or by mail. Our driver will be at the scheduled pick up point. In the event of heavy traffic or any delay, you will be contacted ahead of time through the phone number you dropped with us in your request form.

Similarly, for airport pickups, our professional drivers always monitor the flight schedules and will be at the airport to pick you up, so there will be no need for confirmation or reminder.

We are dedicated to building strong long-term relationships with all our esteemed clients, so we always ensure we provide excellent service and neat vehicles (in excellent working condition) to all our clients.

Thanks for looking Cincy Transportation, we look forward to adding you to our catalogue of highly esteemed clients.




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